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Are you a resident or do you own a business in Chula Vista, San Diego? Are you looking for professional and high quality home concreting services for your driveways, patios, stamped products, walkways, floors, repairs among others? Well, good news is that you will find all your solutions right here at AAA Concreting in Chula Vista where our concrete company is readily available at your service. Our concrete contractor services available in Chula Vista include a wide range of options for you from concrete repair to renovations for your residents, company or other facilities. AAA Concreting remains top among all concrete services in San Diego due to the following reasons:

Wide range of services

We offer a wide range of concrete services for both residential and commercial clients in Chula Vista, San Diego. Therefore, for unique transformation and facelift, contact us today. For residential and commercial concrete services, we offer the following:

Colored concrete: We endeavor at all times to meet the tastes and preference of our customers. For this reason, we have come up with a wide range of concrete colors for our different clients.

Decorative concrete services: With the current trends in arts and design, home decoration has grown in popularity and in this case concrete decoration has been developed. We therefore offer several ideas for decorating your concrete including the stamped concrete patios for an enhanced look for your business or home. Our team of professional staff will ensure that you’re shabby and dull concrete slab is transformed into an amazing art, creating an appealing look which will increase the value of your home.

Concrete demolition: Experience and the right equipment for concrete demolition are an important factor for you to consider before hiring a concrete contractor company to do a job in your home. This is a condition we have met and even surpassed. We provide the safest concrete removal services with our first hand equipment hence leaving your home intact without any cracks or damages.

Insured and licensed

We are a fully insured and licensed company hence you do not have to get worried of some unexpected events such as accidents that may occur on the job since the insurance company will cater for all the costs. Moreover, being a licensed and fully bonded concrete contractor, there is no reason for you to get worried as we serve you with confidence since our existence and services are fully recognized by the state.

Professional services and affordable rates

We have a team of professional and experienced concrete contractors who will provide you with high quality results. All our experts are trained and fully fledged contractors. Moreover, our services are available at very affordable rates hence you do not need to worry about the prices. Contact us today on (619) 407-9650 and get a quote from us.

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6 Floor Remodeling Ideas for your House

Changing your floor can completely alter the appearance of your home. Flooring can add beauty and elegance to your house. Nothing gives our houses an aesthetic look than our floors. Besides the beauty it adds value to our houses. So anytime you’re thinking about floor remodeling, you have to put a number of things into a perspective. Here are 5 floor remodeling ideas

Aesthetic concerns

The floor can change the atmosphere and give a touch of design and originality. The choice of the floors asks attention, in particular, for an aesthetic reason. From an aesthetical point of view, you need to consider the final furniture that your are planning to put in the rooms in order to choose the best floor for each room.

Epoxy vs. wood

The epoxy floors are meant to be stronger, but if you don’t look after the proper care, they may become damaged, too. The wood itself can be damaged more easily. For instance, if you install wood floors outside, you will notice that even the insects and other dangers can damage the flooring. So is it is always wise to consider some protection, too. You can apply some epoxy coats, too. Epoxy coats often appear as an additional cost to the people and they keep it as a side option. This approach will save you a little money in the short run, but thinking in a long-term perspective, the durability is greatly affected without the presence of the top floor ideas.

Eco-friendly floor

If you are looking for an environmentally-friendly option, you could consider an eco-friendly floor. Eco-friendly options include hardwood products, natural linoleum, cork and bamboo flooring options. Indeed, wood flooring adds warmth and beauty to your home. It enhances the home décor and increases the value of your home.


Whatever the type of flooring, you should look for a company that will provide a neat and timely installation. It’s also important that the floor installers be present from the beginning to the end. In most cases, you can have a design consultation service. This kind of consultation gives you an opportunity to discuss your ideas with an expert. You can also discuss which type and style of flooring will suit your home.


Finally when thinking about floor colors, you have to be careful. Keep in mind that going for a light color may force you to do a daily cleaning. While floor color can help you avoid such a matter, you do need to choose wisely.

Epoxy styles can remain gray; however, you don’t want to create a cold space. Consider the style of decoration in your house, as well. It is important to choose a color according to the style of your house.

You can either go for traditional decorating colors that are very formal or very dark floors that are suited for rustic styles! Choose the type of flooring color you like, the one that will suit your needs. Each type of floor color has its own characteristics; there is no good or bad here, it’s all about personal choice and preferences.


You may want to consider installing a carpet in your floor to give your house a luxury touch. However you need to keep in mind, that you will need to provide regular maintenance such as a professional carpet cleaning service every few months.

Those are just a few ideas that you may want to consider when remodeling your floor. Be creative and ask your interior designer.

BFFR Strom Damage

Storm Damage

October 5, 2016…..Hurricane Matthew is currently bearing down on Haiti and Cuba as it charges its way north towards the southeastern coast of the United States.  The photos from the Martinique and Haiti show widespread flooding, power outages and an interruption in the usual laid-back nature of these beautiful islands.  The devastation is widespread and significant.

The chart below shows the scale of wind force that is to be expected here in the U.S. over the next few days.  No doubt, with these hurricane force winds, people in Florida and up the coast will experience more than a little inconvenience.  In fact, the governor of Florida Rick Scott is advising those that live and work along the coast to evacuate further inland or to the Gulf Coast at least until the hurricane passes by.

Storm damage

Buildings that are able to withstand hurricane force winds will no doubt survive.  The greater problem is the lack of electrical power that will no doubt accompany the damaging winds.  Without power, all the food in refrigerators will spoil.  There will be no air conditioning to keep air dry and moving, so the chance for mold to develop in dry wall and other building materials will be ever present.

Homeowner who have invested millions in their homes, especially in the desirous areas along the beaches and Intercoastal waterways, should consider a home backup generator to protect not only their home, but their families as well.  After natural disasters, it is a time of much confusion and homes are quite vulnerable to theft.  If your security system isn’t working, your home and your family are unprotected from these threats.  In some cases security systems can run off battery power – but that will only last a few hours.  Sometimes the power is out for days or weeks after a hurricane.

Having your own source of standby electrical power is a smart move, especially in areas that are prone to high wind storms and frequent utility outages.  As the video below shows, there is no telling where and when a storm will hit until it gets close, and by that time it is too late to install a whole home generator.


How to install a light bulb by yourself?

Are you living alone and there is no one to help you when you need to put that new light bulb in your ceiling? Don’t worry! I’ve been living alone for so many years, and I can’t remember when was the last time I asked someone to help me put a new light bulb. Look at these simple steps on how you can do it on your own without a problem.


Step 1: Check the wattage of the bulb

Make sure that the wattage of the bulbs is the same. You don’t want to burn your house down due to short circuits, do you?

Step 2: Power off

When I say power off, it’s not just about the switch of your light bulb. Go directly to the main switch and turn it off. It is better to be sure that you will not be electrocuted accidentally in your home.

Step 3: Cool it down

You just turned off the electricity, so there is no doubt that the bulb is still hot. Don’t hold it unless you want to be scalded by the hot bulb. Wait for a few minutes and let it cool down. I’m sure you’re smart enough for you not to touch that hot bulb.

Step 4: Reach it

Not everyone is a seven footer to reach the ceiling by a simple tip toe easily. Get a stepladder so you can reach the ceiling. Don’t use anything that is unstable to step on. You want to put a new light bulb not end up looking at one in a hospital with a broken bone.

Step 5: Remove it the old bulb

Once the bulb has cooled down, you can already remove it. It’s easy, but you just have to check if your bulb has a screw fitting or a bayonet mount. If it has a screw fitting then it’s simple, just keep on turning it anticlockwise until it’s loose but for bulbs that has a bayonet mount you have to lightly push the bulb upward first before you twist it anti-clockwise until it’s loose.

Step 6: Put the new bulb

Putting the new bulb is much easier. You just have to turn the bulb clockwise until you can’t turn it anymore. Don’t hold it too tight because bulbs can easily break.

Step 7: Turn the power back on

Now that the new light bulb is in place, it’s time to check it out if you did it right. Switch the power back on from the fuse box then turn on the lights.

Perfect! Now that the new bulb is in place you don’t have to stay in the dark. Just don’t forget that you need to throw the old one properly. Put it in the box where you took the new bulb before you put it in the trash bin.


There you have it. After reading this, you no longer have to worry about who to call to change those bulbs for you. You can do it on your own using those simple steps I’ve provided.

3 Most Common Pest Infestations in the US

Pests are everywhere. It doesn’t matter where you are or where you live. I’m pretty sure you can find one. They are disgusting and a nuisance. Okay, I know they also have lives and play a significant role in the ecosystem. But, when these pests start to invade your home they become pretty annoying, and you just can’t help yourself but hate them.

There may be a lot of pests around the country that gives every home a run for their money but here are the three most common pests that can give you a headache.

1. Ants


Alright, ants don’t look disgusting, but I know you will agree with me that they‘re annoying. Once you see one expect there’s a colony of ants behind it. Next thing you know, you’re already seeing them everywhere.

2. Termites


They look awful and bring nothing but trouble to homeowners. Termites are small, but their size doesn’t justify the damage they can do. Termites attack woods that are used to build homes, but that is not the only thing that could be in trouble because termites can damage books, drawers, tables and the whole house. The bad news doesn’t stop there. The Queen termite is the best baby maker in town. Termites can multiply so much in a single day.

3. Rats


My vote for the most disgusting pest goes for the rats. The squirmy, black little creature can scare my soul out of me. Rats don’t get satisfied eating your food because they eat anything that looks edible. The sad part is everything looks edible in the eyes of a rat. It would eat wood, clothes, paper, insulations and ever electrical wires. What I hate the most? Rat urine! It stinks big-time. Rats are dirty enough to bring several diseases that could be a threat to the health of your family.

It is important to get help immediately because these pests can tear your house down if you will just let them invade your homes.

How does spray foam reduce the amount of noise coming from outside?

Using spray foam is an excellent way to insulate your home. It’s quite expensive but making your home energy efficient is not the only thing spray foam can do. It can also reduce the amount of noise tremendously. How does spray foam do it? Spray foam forms an airtight seal on your walls and with that being said, it will drastically cut down on sound transmission.

Think about this…

Let’s cite an example for you. You and your family are watching Superbowl on t.v but your neighbors are also watching, and they’re getting excited with the commercials shown on t.v. The noise coming from them makes it hard you to focus on what you’re watching. If you will have spray foam insulated to your home and it creates the airtight seal, it will block the unwanted noise coming from the outside, but it won’t affect the sound that you have on the inside.

Should you hire a professional?

It is essential that you get a specialist to install the spray foam insulation. It needs to be placed accurately so that it will be efficient and effective. Just to make things clear, spray foam insulation does not mean your house will be sound proof. There are other factors that the noise from the outside can get inside your house. Spray foam cannot stop or block sounds that would come from your windows. If you insist on blocking that unwanted noise, you can ask the experts about sound blocking windows that can work well with spray foam insulation for better results.

If you don’t want any disturbance from noise when you sleep and can’t afford to soundproof your room yet, you should get the spray foam insulation for multiple benefits it can provide. Make your home energy efficient and reduce the noise from the outside using the spray foam. Check out Insulation Wizards to help you with all of your insulation needs!

How much do bathroom renovations cost?

All homeowners who want to have a bathroom renovation have one question in mind. How much does it cost to do a bathroom renovation? It’s a tough question that can have a lot of answers. Why? It’s because there are a lot of factors that can affect the cost of the renovation. The price will vary depending on where you’re living, the materials you will use and the design. I know you want to have an idea about the cost. Let’s get a breakdown depending on the kind of renovation you’re planning with your bathroom. Please take note that the prices below are just based on average.

1. The Basic Bathroom – $4,000 – $12,000


I’m telling you right now that you can’t do much with this budget bracket. You can replace some fixtures around the bathroom and get some products from a thrift shop. You can just be creative to make things look more luxurious than its real price. You can get materials like a low-end granite and cultured marbles from this budget. Painting the walls of the bathroom will also be an excellent choice that can fit the budget allotted for the basic bathroom.

2. Mid or Upper Bathroom – $13,000 to $35,000


You might be thinking that $35,000 mark is high for a mid-bathroom remodel. As I’ve said, this is just an average. The amount varies from one place to another. You’re not expecting that you can do a $13,000 budget for this kind of renovation if you’re living in Manhattan, do you? With this budget, you can do a lot more with your bathroom. You can afford custom pieces of materials. Also, you will be able to move the shower or faucets if you want.

3. Deluxe Bathroom – $30,000 to $100,000 or more


With this kind of renovation, you can take everything away and start from scratch. You can get high-end finishes. You can afford to put the top of the line tiles. You can even decide to have room for your sauna. The price speaks for itself that you can get a luxurious bathroom.

These estimates will help you to plan ahead for your bathroom renovation. Remember, a nice and beautiful bathroom can add tremendous value to your home.